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Global Studies Talk on ISIS

The scourge of ISIS:  Who are they? What do they want?  Why are they destroying our history?

Come learn about the so-called Islamic State, who they are, what they believe, and why they are attacking our cultural heritage in a joint talk by Dr. Robert Czulda and Leeward CC Professor Suzette Scotti.

Dr. Czula is a Fulbright Scholar making a special trip to Hawaii to share his extensive knowledge with our community.  An Assistant Professor at the Department of Theory of Foreign and Security Policy at the University of Lodz in Poland, freelance journalist, and alumnus of the Young Leaders Dialogue of the US State Department, Dr. Czulda is an expert on geopolitics specializing in the Middle East and Central-Eastern Europe.   Suzette Scotti teaches Art History and is passionately committed to saving and protecting our universal cultural heritage.

Thursday, January 18 at 10:30am to 11:45am

ED 201

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