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Last Day to Add, or Change Section, Spr20

Last day to add or change section for Spring 2020

Last Day for 100% Tuition Refund for Partial Withdrawal, Spr20

Last day for 100% tuition refund when dropping courses for Spring 2020 (partial withdrawal)

Being a Career Ready Student

Job Prep Services provides career readiness support to all current students and alumni of Leeward CC. Learn more about our FREE resources and gain industry...

Last Day for 100% Tuition and Fees Refund for Complete Withdrawal, Spr20

Last day for 100% tuition and fees refund for complete withdrawal for Spring 2020

Last Day of Late Registration, Spr20

Last day of late registration for Spring 2020

Last Day to Submit Non-Disclosure Request to A & R, Spr20

Last day to submit non-disclosure request to Admissions and Records for Spring 2020

Spring Deadline for Diversification Designation Applications

The Spring Semester deadline for initial and renewal applications for Diversification designations for courses offered in Fall 2020 is Friday, January 31,...

How to Take Notes in College

Taking notes can help you develop effective listening and critical thinking skills to help you succeed in your classes and in college. This interactive...

Presidents' Day, 2020

Holiday. No classes.

Ten Habits of Successful College Students

What makes a college student successful? This workshop will cover best practices that can help you create a positive college experience and help you to...

Beat the Clock with Time Management

Learn how to avoid an overwhelming semester by easing your stress through managing your time effectively. Presented by Jo Ann Cagasan, HINET Program Officer.

Professional Development Day, 2020

Non-instructional Day. No classes.

Tips on Transferring from Leeward CC to a University

Start planning now for your transfer to your bachelor's degree. Learn helpful tips on how to best get a head start and transfer seamlessly to a university so...

Diversity Awareness -- Use Your English Effectively!

How to deal with language blind spots? This workshop will reveal hidden exclusion in language use and help you use your English to show your awareness of...

Last Day for 50% Tuition Refund, Spr20

Last day for 50% tuition refund when dropping courses for Spring 2020

Last Day to Withdraw Courses without "W" grade, Spr20

Last day to drop courses without a 'W' grade (Erase Period) for Spring 2020

The Power of Positivity

Learn and experience simple tools for finding happiness and success. Presented by Kelly Kennedy, ELI/ESL Instructor.

Being Smart Emotionally Counts Too

Did you know that emotional intelligence (EI), the ability to manage and identify your emotions and understand its effects on others, has a huge impact on...

Memory Hacks for Studying, February

Not sure how to remember your foreign language vocabulary? Can't remember the main points for your big presentation? This workshop will give you some quick...

Culinary Arts Job Fair

Culinary Arts Job Fair provides Leeward CC students access to employment opportunities from local culinary businesses. This is an excellent event for...

Need Money for School?  Find Out about Financial Aid Opportunities!

Need money for school? You could be eligible to receive federal and institutional grants and scholarships to help pay for your college education. Come to...

Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It

In this workshop, we will discuss the big questions about plagiarism and how to avoid it. In addition, we'll cover tips on how to avoid unintentional...

Succeeding in a Math Emporium Class

Discover strategies and available resources to help you succeed in a math emporium class: MATH 78B, 78, 82X, 88, 100, 103, 115, and 140X. Attendance at this...

Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Thinking about applying for scholarships? Join us to learn tips on how to get started on and what to include in your scholarship essay. Presented by Laurie...

The UH Common Scholarship Application

Need money for college? You could be eligible to receive a UH System/Leeward CC Scholarship to help pay for your college education. Come to this workshop to...

Faculty Senate Meeting

The Faculty Senate is chartered by the Board of Regents as the primary voice of faculty in the academic governance of the College. Faculty Senate meetings...

Tips for Effective Argumentative Writing

This workshop will introduce attendees to the functions of theses and evidence, the types of details that constitute appropriate evidence across various...

Cultural Values and Success

Hawai'i is an extremely diverse place with many different kinds of people and cultures, but have you ever thought about how that translates to accomplishing...

Spring Recess, 2020

Holiday. No classes.